Gender Identity Employment Discrimination Lawyer


Gender Identity & Gender Expression Employment Discrimination Lawyer

If your gender identity is something different from what you were born with, you’ve most likely faced unjust discrimination in your life. What’s even worse is that people with varying gender expressions often are victims of employment discrimination. Even though 18 states states forbid workplace discrimination based on gender identity, there’s no specific protection on a federal level, which can further complicate a lawsuit. However, at Benedetto Law, we have expansive knowledge and experience protecting those who have suffered as a result of their sexual identity.

Types of Workplace Discrimination 
Discrimination in the workplace is not something to take lightly. When someone is harassed or discriminated against for their gender identity or expression, it’s important to seek legal counsel quickly. Here are some common types of workplace discrimination:
  • Abuse or other negative treatment.
  • Restricting rights or access to the restroom that meets the needs of the employee’s gender identity.
  • Mistreatment after discovery of the gender identity.
  • Firing employee based on sexual orientation or gender identity.
Legal Action for Gender Identity | Gender Expression Discrimination
If you have been a victim of discrimination based on your gender identity or expression, you’re not alone. The gender identity discrimination lawyers at The Law Offices of Conrad J. Benedetto are here to help victims pursue justice and obtain the compensation they deserve. We passionately advocate for our clients and fight to hold the discriminating parties responsible for their wrongdoing.

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