Alan E. Kennedy



Alan E. Kennedy is a Michigan lawyer who practices law solo and also frequently assists lawyers in many diverse legal matters.
Licensed by the State Bar of Michigan in 1993, Attorney Kennedy has acquired broad experience in a number of legal fields. His first three years in practice were devoted exclusively to assisting lead counsel in all aspects of pre–Trial proceedings and during Trial for BGB Pet Supply, Inc., a Flint pet food distributor, over exclusive sales territories promised to it by Nutro Products, Inc., then a rapidly growing California dog food manufacturer. Mr. Kennedy’s efforts helped a team of Plaintiff’s lawyers eventually obtain a 12.3 Million dollar Jury Verdict for their client in BGB Pet Supply, Inc. vs. Nutro Products, Inc., Civil Action No. 91–77196–DT (U.S. Dist. Court, E.D. Mich.) Michigan Lawyers Weekly later reported that this Verdict – on which the trial court entered formal Judgment February 7, 1996, in favor of BGB for its lost profits – was the second–largest Jury Verdict awarded in Michigan in all of 1996. Mr. Kennedy continued assisting BGB throughout the successful Appeal process, which culminated in September 1996 with the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals’ opinion and order affirming virtually all aspects of the trial court’s rulings and judgment for the Plaintiff in that breach of contract action.

After the impressive BGB victory, Mr. Kennedy began practicing law on his own. Over the years he has assisted clients – always helping individuals or small businesses, never large corporations or insurance companies – favorably in many civil matters. They include: illegal employer sexual harassment; unlawful employer race–discrimination; Michigan public body Freedom of Information Act challenges; Michigan Open Meetings Act lawsuits; other contract and property rights disputes; and police brutality/excessive force complaints. In November 2011, Mr. Kennedy secured a significant monetary settlement for his husband and wife clients who were “Tasered” several times for no reason by an angry police officer on the driveway of their home. These types of cases – involving jail guards’ wrongdoing and police officer misconduct/excessive force civil rights complaints generally – often pose rather difficult challenges, yet for Mr. Kennedy they result in probably the most gratifying satisfaction he has known in representing ordinary citizens.

Mr. Kennedy has extensive experience assisting and defending parents from abuse and neglect accusations in civil Child Protection Proceedings in Michigan Circuit Courts, which work he has done for approximately 15 years, including several Jury Trials in these legally complex and emotionally difficult cases. He has also represented persons whose property has been seized by State law enforcement as suspicious in civil “Drug Forfeiture” cases, successfully settling such proceedings by convincing the prosecuting authority to return monies to his clients. He has also assisted persons accused of conducting caregiver growing and delivery activities for patients outside the boundaries of Michigan’s seven–year old Medical Marihuana Act, M.C.L. 333.26421 et seq.

Mr. Kennedy has also done extensive appeal work, primarily in civil matters. He has written dozens of Briefs submitted to the Michigan Court of Appeals in child protection cases, and has done so in appeals involving other civil matters, including a rather lengthy Brief in a highly contested – yet successful – Freedom of Information Act appeal. Legal Writing is Mr. Kennedy’s most distinguished and often–practiced craft.

For the past 15 years, Mr. Kennedy’s practice has mostly been criminal defense. He has extensive experience in all aspects of misdemeanor and felony proceedings, including defending persons accused of serious drug possession and drug delivery crimes; overdue child support payments; all varieties of misdemeanor assault offenses; embezzlement and theft offenses; and in felonious assault and murder prosecutions. Mr. Kennedy has written extensively in countless Motions and Briefs covering all aspects of criminal defense work including Constitutional challenges to police conduct in disputes involving the right to silence and to a lawyer guaranteed all suspects during police questioning by the Supreme Court in Miranda vs. Arizona, 384 U.S. 436 (1966); Fourth Amendment arrest, search and seizure challenges; the validity of a suspect’s alleged “waiver” (giving up) his or her Constitutional right to refuse to speak with police and refuse consent to police search of their homes, vehicles or persons; police Polygraph (“lie detector”) tricks and traps encountered by persons not represented or advised by a competent lawyer; and the list goes on.

Mr. Kennedy has joined the Law Offices of Conrad J. Benedetto in January 2016 and is co-counsel on the Flint Michigan Water Contamination litigation. Mr. Kennedy is outraged and justifiably concerned for the residents of Flint who have been subjected to lead–contaminated water from the Flint River. He is committed to helping those affected by these environmental crimes in any way he can. As an Associate of the Law Offices of Conrad J Benedetto, Mr. Kennedy will be representing clients on both the Flint Water Contamination Litigation and Personal Injury matters for the firm’s Michigan office.
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